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Grannde Landscaping offers a variety of professional services which include artificial turf, garden design, lawn sodding, tree trimming, and sprinkler installation -- all perfect for your personal or commercial needs. We also provide hardscaping services on fences, patios, decks and driveways. We have over 10 years working in the greater Los Angeles area so feel free to call us today with your project ideas and questions. We provide free job estimates at the project location to ensure that you receive the work you want for the price you want.


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Water Conservation Solutions


How you can save money and the California water rebate program 

California is undergoing a severe drought and so the state is currently offering rebates to homeowners and business owners who choose to remove live grass and/or update their sprinkler system. You may read more about California's availble programs at  Each district may also have their own water incentive programs. Speak directly with your water district to determine if there are additional rebate options in your area.


You may also be interested in reducing your monthly water bill. There are several options such as:

  • artificial turf

  • desert landscape

  • drought resistant plants

  • sprinkler system update

  • conversion to drip system

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